Download these sample DomeSavers and give them a try on your dome. These samples are small – 1K x 1K mp4 files – so they won’t take long to download.

Once you’ve gotten over your amazement, be sure to come right back here and buy a bunch.  They’re very inexpensive!

Click on the images below to activate the previews. (DomeSavers are silent, so there’s no sound.)

Dragon 1   Download »
GridBox 2   Download »
Blossom 1   Download »
Blossom 4   Download »
Voyager 2   Download »
Meadow 5   Download »

To Download:  

  1. Click on the “Download »” link
  2. When the video appears, right-click (Windows & Linux) or option-click (Mac), and choose “Save As…” (or something similar)
    • A window will open allowing you to choose where you’d like the file to be saved.
    • The name of the file you’re saving should end with “.mp4“. If it does not, then try a different menu command.
    • If you’re in a secure workplace, then your computer may be prohibited from downloading files of any kind. You’ll have to work with your system administrator to resolve this. (As long as it’s an “.mp4” file, then it’s safe.)
  3. Once you’ve finished downloading, locate the file you just saved, and double-click on it. It will open in on your favorite video player. If it doesn’t, or your video player claims it can’t play MP4 files, then you might want to consider installing the VLC Media Player. VLC is free, it’s safe, and very very versatile.  It can play just about any video or audio file.
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