Harmony is no longer for sale. Thank you for your interest.

Harmony still lives on as my personal animation tool. Everything you see on this website was created with Harmony. However, Harmony is no longer maintained as an end-user product. In fact, it only runs in my development system, on my personal computer. It’s full of bugs and quirks and “doesn’t work” and “oh don’t do that” issues that would drive you insane. It’s a tool just for me now.

To answer a few common questions:

  • If you’re an existing Harmony licensee, I’m sorry, but I will not send you one last update.
  • No, I will not publish the source code in the public domain.
  • No, I will not sell you a copy with no support.

Obviously everything has a price, and the same is true with Harmony. If you want a snapshot of the Harmony application codebase and build system, then I will sell you a non-exclusive license that gives you the right to modify/extend it and sell copies. The price for this license is $10,000,000 (US). Yes, I know that seems like a lot of money. That’s because it is a lot of money!  I chose that price to reinforce that I really do not want to sell copies or deal with customer support calls, but heck, for $10M I’ll send you a copy of the code and afterwards I’ll even promise to answer your phone calls.


Ken Scott
a.k.a., VJ Chaotic

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