A virtual GPU renderfarm?

I have this stack of GPU cards sitting here, and I really wish I could put them to good use. What I really need is a driver or something that automagically doles out frames to each of them in turn. It’d be nice to load up my Titan, two GTX 670s, and a bunch of older NVIDIA cards, and turn them loose on a render. Ideally it’d be a rack of the things – anything I could lay my hands on.

Seems like I could do it, although not with my current motherboard. I’ve been looking at these multi-slot backplanes – like 12 or more slots – with a decent CPU out front to act as the host. Or maybe a PCI extender, so the cards are effectively local to my current system. It seems like the base system could be built for under $1K, not including GPU cards and hard drives.

I keep googling around, looking for a recipe. Somebody who’s done it, and I can copy their design. I’ve just about given up hope, however. I might have to do it myself.

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