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Fulldome Screensavers

All DomeSavers, All Sizes: $10 each

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DomeSavers are…

  • ...Screensavers for your dome!

    ...A great audience warmup...

    ...Or a chillout, as the case may be.

    ...The embodiment of Visual Music. Your audience will be mesmerized.

    ...WAY better than a blank dome.

    ...Seamless loops. Press play, and walk away. They auto-repeat perfectly.

    ...Up to four minutes long, with endless variations.

    ...Perfect for mid-light environments, like walk-in and walk-out times.

    ...Excellent loops for your Friendly Neighborhood Dome VJ.

All videos are delivered as MP4 video files with minimal compression.
To convert to dome master or other formats, please refer to the FAQ page.  (It’s not difficult.)